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Black Belt Recruiting

is a course for beginners as well as seasoned pros. You can have the best system available to you, one in which many people are using very successfully. However, if you are not taught how to become the right person to use it, it simply will not work for you, that’s where Black Belt Recruiting comes in to make the difference!

This course is teaching the latest methods of marketing where you don’t sell your product or opportunity. When I first learned this, I thought that was crazy. But then when I used it, not only does it work, but also it takes the pressure off me to perform in a certain way when talking with my prospects.

The best lesson I learned from this course was how to save time on my first phone call to a prospect and stay in control as a leader one would want to follow! I no longer work with just anyone. They have to first prove to me that they deserve my time to work on developing them into a successful business owner and leader. But, there is so much more to this course then just how to deal with prospects then that!

First of all,

Black Belt Recruiting

teaches you how to attract prospects to you instead of you buying leads or hanging out at the mall handing sizzle cards out everyday.

Even if I wanted to build my business that way, it would be years to find one or two others who might want to give that a try.

Second, prospects are now calling or e-mailing me first! They are asking for my help and one even offered to pay me $500 to meet him for dinner on our first phone interview!

These are the kinds of people you want to recruit in your business and this course will teach you how to find them. This kind of success is happening now for me on a daily basis.

The audio CDs that come with the course make this package over deliver on the value I received from it.

The Black Belt Recruiting course makes this business fun again because it teaches you how to eliminate the pressures of prospecting and recruiting. When you do this and teach it to others, not only do the numbers increase dramatically, it also reduces the number of people you need to talk to because it does most of the sorting for you before you even talk to a single prospect.

Last, it is the way this course teaches you how to be attractive in the first place. I tried hard to teach people this in the past because this is what makes the difference in having success or failure in this industry or in any business.

However, I have learned so much in Black Belt Recruiting that from this point forward, I will not work with a prospect until they get their own copy of Black Belt Recruiting and read it more then twice.

This course is easy to understand, fast to learn, and very affordable for a newbie to purchase in their first days of preparing to launch their new business. I would instruct my students to not even talk to a prospect until they have studied this course.

Mark has had tremendous success with mlm recruiting via the use of the telephone. Consequently, “Black Belt Recruiting” focuses mainly on training distributors on all aspects of recruiting by phone.

And, the product is thorough and covers the material step-by-step. Topics covered include; how to weed out “tire kickers”, how to help prospects “sell” themselves, closing prospects “painlessly”, etc.

Of course, true to the spirit of Magnetic Sponsoring, Mike Dillard is not suggesting that you call everyone and their brother. Rather, they would prefer you call leads that have responded to promotional material for Mike’s products. We call these leads, “qualified” leads.

Leads should be ultra qualified, and according to Mike,you should not even recruit them unless they demonstrate serious intent, otherwise, you are wasting your time.

Mike is not too aggressive with his recruiting techniques. Rather, he has created an excellent training resource that “picks up” where “Magnetic Sponsoring” and The Renegade Network Marketer leave off.

This approach to selling fits in beautifully with attraction marketing!

It is often not enough that prospects are “attracted” to you, they still must be called to action. “Black Belt Recruting” trains readers on how to help prospects take action. Prospects taking action is critical to your success!

Black Belt Recruiting” is reasonably priced, and is a “must have” for your mlm library!

The biggest thing to be taken from this course (and any good mentor will teach you this) was how to weed through the tire kickers and work with only the people who are going to help you make more money. The basic philosophy of attraction based marketing focuses on how to bring the business to you instead of you having to go out and find it. The Black Belt Recruiting business is an affiliate program to help you profit from leads that don’t actually end up joining your primary opportunity.

The leaders in the industry know that learning never ends for any of us. So if you are an experienced networker with many years of success under your belt, don’t for one minute think you should past this one up. It will not only change your mind about marketing, it will do wonders for your entire organization.

Never look at the cost of learning something new, just look at the cost to you for missing out on what it will mean to you if you pass it up.

Black Belt Recruiting  changed the way I do this business now and I will never go back to yesterday’s old-school methods again.

I only wish that Mike Dillard, Mark Wieser, and the Internet was there when I got started years ago.But I won’t complain, for they are here now with Black Belt Recruiting, and so this makes the job a lot easier!



“Built a downline of 762 new paying members in just 43 days”

Katie Bernhardt

“Qualified for a bonus car within six months of using magnetic sponsoring”

Tom DeMaio

“Finally, I’m actually getting paid to generate leads!”

Shane Woods


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